What we believe

We offer companies using filter mediaing means, fabrics and textile ductschannels, the best technical-economical solution for different and specific needs.

Our values are:

Technical Expertise

The great knowledge of textile technology and the experience gained in field in many application areas make our team a high-level technical partner able to understand the most sophisticated customer requirements and translate them into concrete solutions.

Customer at core

Our constant thought is the identification and fulfilment of the real needs of our customers so that each of them can receive the best technical-economical solution.

Speed of response

Whether it is a technical advice, an offer or a delivery, our customers have adequate answers.


We take care of customer needs in a serious and reliable way, guaranteeing transparency of behaviour.

Stable relationships

We don’t look for occasional opportunities but stable relationships over time. We want to be a constant reference point for our customers.

Focus to people

The heart and soul of each organizational reality is people. We turn and we think to them in our actions. Whether they are customers, suppliers, employees and other partners.