Air diffusion ducts

General information

Thanks to our expertise and technology accrued in different sectors, we can offer a wide and varied range of ‘KOBRA’ ducts that guarantee the highest level of performance and convenience of assembly/disassembly.

Technical features

  • circular and semicircular ducts with macroporous, microporous and mix diffusion systems
  • high-quality fabrics, ultra-light, but at the same time very resistant, rip-stop type, with calibrated coating, specifically designed to maintain a constant quality, mechanical strength, durability, possibility of multiple washing, 01 class fire resistance
  • opportunity to graduate air emission intensity and make it perfectly soft and smooth
  • different sizes up to more than 2 meters of diameters, length subdivided in short sections by hidden sectioning zippers to facilitate disassembly and washing operations

Specifications and accessories

  • make up enhanced by two parallel stitching of knotted type to ensure perfect sealing, high stability and resistance
  • tapered channels and multiple ways distribution to suit every need of air circulation, according to every shape, deviation and curvature
  • wide range of colours: white, blue, green, red, yellow, upon request we can satisfy every need
  • type of hooks: quick connect clips and stainless steel ropes for circular section ducts, stainless steel or anaphoresis painted aluminum or polyammide guides, ceiling positioned for semicircular section ducts
  • complements and accessories: flow rectifiers with zipper to correct deviations and air turbulence in correspondence of clutches, constrictions, curves, etc. / cutting(?) zippers to facilitate assembly and dismantling during maintenance and cleaning operations / stainless steel pawls and manual tensioning device and safety hook / ropes, tensioners, clamps, guides, stainless steel shelves