Hose covers

In addition with the standard versions, we offer further options as hose covers.

Stainless steel braid with rubberised cover - B1Gum

Many industrial applications require increased abrasion protection as well as protection against injury while handling hose lines. Our rubberised stainless steel braid is the ideal solution for this area of application. In contrast to conventional systems in the market, our CR material is TRbF-131/2-compliant, thus self-extinguishing, antistatic and easy to clean.

Stainless steel braid with silicone cover - B1Sil

A smooth white silicone cover was developed particularly for pharmaceutical applications, which makes cleaning of the hose significantly easier. In addition, it provides mechanical and thermal protection for users or equipment and can be used up to 180°C.

Special pyro heat protection - PY

Specially developed for high temperature applications, this protective cover is suitable for permanent exposure at 260°C and short-term ex posure at more than 800°C (exposure to flame).
It protects the hose against high radiant heat and thus ensures a long service life under extreme conditions. The material is resistant to industrial chemicals and hydraulic oils. In addition, the heat protection is also suitable for reducing the external hose temperature in the case of hot media to ensure safe handling of the hose assembly.