PTFE convoluted hose type C, CA

The marsoflex® convoluted hose is highly flexible and designed for use as a universal suction and pressure hose for the chemical, pharmaceutical, and foodstuffs industries. Its tube is available in the variants virginal and black (electrically conductive) and consists of convoluted and seamlessly extruded Teflon® T-62 by DuPont. The PTFE liner is temperature-resistant from –60°C to +260°C and resistant to almost all chemicals (with the exception of halogens).

The even convolution of the tube provides a higher level of flexibility and resistance to kinking compared to conventional products. Thanks to its spiral, the convoluted hose is vacuumstable and the specially-developed braid types ensure optimum pressure resistance and excellent bending behaviour. Our rubberised hose covers comply with the technical regulations for flammable liquids (TRbF 131/2). All marsoflex® PTFE convoluted hoses are FDA-compliant according to 21 CFR § 177.1550.

All benefits at a glance:

  • extremely resistant to:
    • chemical impacts
    • temperatures from –60°C to +260°C
    • weather conditions and ageing processes
  • low friction coefficient (no stick-slip effect)
  • particularly anti-adhesive
  • water-repellent material
  • minimum thermal conductivity
  • flame-retardant (UL 94 [for 1.5 mm]: VO, LOI index: 95%)
  • no risk to health (FDA- and BfR-compliant)
  • suitable for vacuum operation
  • available in two versions:
    • C, with high electric insulation capability
    • CA, antistatic