External protection

To further increase the long service life of the resistant marsoflex® PTFE hose assemblies, we offer the following accessories.

Agraff protection hose - AGRAFF

On request, we equip the entire hose assembly with a highly-resistant stainless steel Agraff protection hose. This offers reliable protection against severe mechanical impacts.

Rubber kink protection - GKS

The marsoflex® rubber kink protection newly developed by our engineers significantly improves the life span of hose assemblies. It reinforces the areas subjected to particularly high loads behind the bonding region and thus reduces the risk of kinking. Thanks to its electric conductivity, the kink protection can also be used in explosive atmospheres.

Abrasion protection spiral - FRAS

For high levels of mechanical stress, we recommend our electrically-conductive marsoflex® protection spirals. These are available in stainless steel or synthetic variants. The stainless steel protection spiral resists temperatures from –60°C to +500°C, while the synthetic protection spiral is suitable for use from –60°C to +90°C.