All marsoflex® braid types meet the required operating conditions, such as pressure or temperature, as well as chemical and operational requirements.

Stainless steel braid - B1

The marsoflex® stainless steel braid protects the internal PTFE liner, improves flexibility while ensuring the pressure resistance of the hose at the same time. We exclusively use high-quality stainless steel grades such as 1.4301. The braid is abrasion resistant.

Modified synthetic braid - B3

So far unique in the market, the modified braid is characterised by extremely high temperature resistance and extreme tear resistance. It resists operating pressures up to 32 bar without any problems and is thus significantly more resilient than conventional synthetic braids. Its temperature resistance ranges up to 230°C. In addition, the modified synthetic braid is TRbF-131/2- compliant. Interwoven special metal filaments make it electrically conductive and suitable for use in explosive atmospheres. The B3 braid has the same chemical resistance as polyethersulfone (PES).

Polypropylene braid - B6

The braid of specially-developed monofilaments allows for high operating pressures while the low net weight enables easy handling. The polypropylene braid is not TRbF-compliant.