Lining and coating

To protect the fittings of the marsoflex® PTFE hose assemblies against aggressive materials, they are coated with synthetics such as E-CTFE (Halar®), lined with PTFE (alternatively PFA) or equipped with a PTFE hose and then flanged.


The wet sections of the fitting or coupling are coated with E-CTFE or a comparable synthetic. This provides effective corrosion protection against aggressive media.


A thick-walled PTFE profile form several millimetres thick is incorporated in all areas of the fitting which are in contact with the medium. It protects the fitting or coupling against chemical attacks by acids and bases. Due to its exceptional chemical resistance, PTFE offers a safe and economic alternative to expensive special alloys, such as Hastelloy.


The PTFE hose is heated to become malleable. In this state, it is drawn through the fitting or coupling and flanged according to the fitting end, adjusting it to the fitting. The advantage of flanging is that no dead spots are formed in the transition area from the fitting to the hose where media residues might accumulate. As a consequence, the highest possible level of cleanliness is ensured in sensitive areas like the pharmaceutical and foodstuffs industries. The use of a fullyautomated system for flanging of PTFE hoses also guarantees the manufacture of large quantities, while consistently maintaining high quality.