Hose tube

The seamlessly-extruded PTFE material we use consists of pure Teflon® T-62 by DuPont and is resistant to almost all chemical media. Our PTFE is free from dual-use substances, supplements and aromas.

The special non-stick properties of the PTFE allow for easy cleaning and convey almost all media. The smooth surface of the tube prevents accumulation of dirt or bacteria. Depending on the hose design and operating conditions, it can withstand temperatures of –60°C to +260°C.

The marsoflex® PTFE liners are available in a white (virginal and insulating) or black (antistatic/ electrically conductive according to ISO 8031 [electrostatic resistance 106 Ω]) version.
The additional use of a stainless steel spiral (vacuum spiral) gives the convoluted hose type C, CA a high resistance to vacuum and kinking. For the smooth hose type GA, GC, these properties are a manufacturing-related standard.

Convoluted hose type C, CA

(available with/without stainless steel spiral)

  • type C, white (virginal)
  • type CA, black (antistatic)
    The convoluted hose type C, CA is a universal suction and pressure hoses used in applications requiring a high level of flexibility.

Smooth hose type GA, GC

(with fixed stainless steel spiral)

  • type GA, black (antistatic)
  • type GC, white (virginal)
    The smooth hose type GA, GC is extremely flexible and yet smooth. The manufacturing-related stainless steel spiral gives the smooth hose a high resistance to vacuum and kinking.

Smooth hose type G

  • type G (virginal)
    The smooth hose type G is used in applications where no irregularities in the hose tube are desired or requested.