Special hose assemblies

On request, our engineers can also develop specialist solutions for your individual requirements.

An example is the marsoflex® helix heating hose, which had been developed by us for the foodstuffs industry and has since been included in our standard product range. This spiral-shaped PTFE hose wound around the media-carrying hose enables the medium to be heated or cooled with steam, thermal oil, hot water or coolant.

Another variant comes with electric trace heating. A resistance wire is wound around the mediacarrying hose and voltage is applied. The resulting heat is released to the medium. This variant is used when transporting liquid, viscous or molten media without loss of temperature.

All marsoflex® heating and cooling hoses consist of highly-flexible, spirally-convoluted PTFE with a stainless steel braid as reinforcement.


  • very good bending flexibility
  • high heating capacity
  • small outer diameter
  • temperature range: –50°C to +180°C
  • helix heating hose for up to 16 bar of saturated steam, resilient, not vacuum-proof
  • media-carrying hose for up to 16 bar of saturated steam and vacuum-proof up to 0.6 bar
  • good mechanical properties, resistant to vibrations
  • thermally-isolated external stainless steel braid
  • resistant to aging


  • long service life due to high-quality materials and robust design
  • adapts flexibly to the relevant application
  • constant quality and configuration for spare part deliveries