Silicone hoses

The Markert Group specialises in the development and manufacture of customised industrial hose assemblies for demanding applications.
Based on our employees’ many years of extensive experience today we are one of the leading suppliers in the chemical, pharmaceutical and foodstuffs industries as well as in the related mechanical and plant engineering.

Due to their specific properties marsoflex® silicone hoses have a wide range of applications. Among other things, silicone hoses have a high resistance against bases, diluted acids and cleaning agents. In addition, silicone hoses are resistant to weather, ageing and ozone, autoclavable and physiologically safe.
marsoflex® silicone hoses are successfully used in the pharmaceutical, medical, cosmetics, and foodstuffs industries.

We manufacture marsoflex® silicone hoses as process- and system-specific hose assemblies.
For this purpose, the required fittings are crimped to the hose or reliably fitted by means of novel reusable fittings.

All components for the reusable fittings are also available individually. Assembly instructions for in-house production are enclosed. Furthermore we offer our customers training courses on how to safely produce and use hose assemblies.