Octopus bags for fluid bed dryers

Our products made of last generation fabrics and technologies, are designed and manufactured to meet the needs of every type of application in different industrial sectors like pharmaceutical and food industry.
Our products ensure excellent results.

The octopus bags can be fabricated in different sizes and up to 98 sleeves. In addition to that the wares can be produced antistatic with different weaving pattern, permeability and retention and furthermore with the highest level of surface smoothness.

We are able to generate our octopus bags in different shapes.

For instance:

  • round or oval
  • with flat body (straight or slanting perimeter band, complete with cord or closing zipper)
  • sleeves with longitudinal special closures
  • bottom ends (circular flat or conical, slanting perimeter edge, anchoring rings made of stainless steel, reinforced cap)