Filters for dust filtration

marsyntex® filters for gas filtration provide sophisticated solutions in the chemical, metal and mineral industries, as well as for power stations and waste incineration plants.

They enable low pressure loss, almost zero emissions and a constant flow rate. They also contribute towards reducing maintenance and operating costs of filter systems. Furthermore, productivity and reliability are increased in many industrial processes.

The choice of optimum raw materials and the use of additional equipment are important for filter performance.

On site or on the phone, our sales specialists select the specific product design for the application in question. In this way, we contribute daily towards improving the individual performance of filter systems.

Apart from optimum filter performance and efficiency, marsyntex® dust filters provide:

  • the right fabrication quality for a long service life
  • easy installation and a precise fit
  • resistance to high temperatures and mechanical loads
  • a wide selection of felts in different versions for specific applications
  • easy cake discharge and fast cleaning
  • availability of filter inserts made from precision weaves

marsyntex® filters are available for dust filtration as filter hoses, filter pockets, filter bags, filter covers, inserts for fluid bed driers and as ring filters.