Filter presses

Filter presses play an important part in almost all areas in which liquids are separated from solids.
All marsyntex® filter cloths are fabricated so as to make them suitable for the specific features of the filter press and the technical conditions of the filtration process.

marsyntex® filter cloths are manufactured as:

  • single filter cloths
  • double cloths barrel neck design
  • overhang filter cloths
    for chamber, frame, membrane filter presses and leakproof filter presses.

marsyntex® filters ensure:

  • optimum separation of solids
  • easy cake release and cleaning
  • excellent chemical, thermal and mechanical resistance
  • easy installation due to customized design
  • high dimensional stability and no wrinkling

Against the background of specific features for the design of the machine, the following characteristics distinguish the marsyntex® cloth design:

  • fabric type, i.e. material and weave
  • hose connections made of EPDM or special fabric
  • double or single layer of material
  • sealing on edges
  • reinforcement on edges and stay bosses
  • hook and loop fasteners
  • eyelets or heat cut holes

If required, the filter cloths are combined with a backing cloth to improve drainage and protect them from damage.